Development Watch August 1, 2023

Brookswood Summer 2023 New Home Construction Update

Active Development Applications

With the adoption of the Rinn, Fernridge, and Booth neighbourhood plans on Juy 24, 2023, the Brookswood-Fernridge community has officially entered into a new era of redevelopment. Whether or not this translates into “rapid development” or not, the market will decide. While the Willoughby OCP was adopted in 1998, it wasn’t until 2003 that the first developments were being completed, and such growth, at least of single family homes and townhomes, would speed up through 2005-2008. As the market faltered in 2008-2009, very little development took place. It wouldn’t be until 2015-16 that Willoughby, with Yorkson in particular, would experience truly rapid growth, especially with apartments.

Of course, this isn’t the early 2000s. Although we are seeing rising interest rates, demand is still strong and builders understand the ongoing fluctuating real estate cycle. Now with the Brookswood plans allowing for 4,000 sq.ft. lots and more attached homes, you can expect to see some homes in Brookswood built under the $2m price point. As of August 1, 2023, there are currently 22 residential building applications in stream at the Township of Langley in the Brookswood-Fernridge community, plus another 2 commercial building applications. If you have any questions about the application process or about any of the specific developments, please contact Brad here.


Landmark x Brookswood Rendering

Current or recent construction in the Brookswood neighbourhood was passed by the previous council prior to the new neighbourhood plans with a focus on homes with the previous minimum 7,000 sq.ft. lots. One of these currently under construction is Landmark West’s “Landmark x Brookswood” subdivision, was marketed by the Future Real Estate Group (Homelife Benchmark Realty). This subdivison on 32A Avenue between 197th and 198th Street offered 7 plans with homes over 5,000 sqft. As of the end of July, there was one still available with completion imminent. There were also a number of custom homes built by other builders on the same block, with prices ranging from $2.499m to just shy of $3 million. For a full list of Brookswood’s detached home new construction listings, click here.

Current Applications at the Township of Langley:

  • 4290 198 Street: 3 single family lots (FINAL APPROVAL – October 2022)
  • 20340 42 Avenue: 6 single family lots
  • 3650 203A Street & 3621 204 Street: 3 single family lots
  • 20958 and 20972 36 Avenue: 12 single family lots
  • 20450 36 Avenue: 40 single family lots
  • 3492 205 Street: 43 single family lots
  • 3438 & 3400 205 Street: 21 single family lots
  • 19629 &19671 32 Avenue and 3200 Block of 196 Street: 19 single family lots
  • 20160 & 20156 28 Avenue: 6 single family lots
  • 2741 204 Street: 10 single family lots
  • 2365 204A Street: 2 single family lots
  • 20633 and 20685 20 Avenue: 5 single family lots (ON HOLD)


Paradise Country Estates RENDERING

Paradise Country Estates RENDERING

Similar to Willoughby in the early 2000s, townhomes are new to Brookswood. You won’t see any of these on the market at the moment. I believe the closest development to construction will be what is currently being called “Paradise Country Estates” at 3134 200th Street. This townhome complex was first submitted back in 2017 following the adoption of the Brookswood-Fernridge OCP, prior to the new neighbourhood plans. Since then, they’ve been slowly making their way through the application process, finally attaining the approval of 3rd reading back in March 2020, after it being kicked back to staff once by council. Assuming this is still moving forward, we would expect to see this in front of council soon for final approval soon. While the applicant is a numbered company using a PO Box (not uncommon), they did employ a local Langley architect to design the complex. Daniel Danyluck is known for his work on the Mufford Business Centre, the Brookswood Professional Centre, Milner Village gas station building, Sportsplex Arena, Wendel’s and Station Block (both in Fort Langley), and more.

The next complex in line are the 37 townhomes at 3300 block and 199th-200th up the road. The application was suppose to go before council in June, but was deferred. This is an interesting project with ground floor commercial and townhomes. Besides the unique housing mix, they’ve also chosen some bold colour and design statements:

I’m not exactly sure why this application was deferred until after summer, but I’ll keep any updates posted here. It is likely that most of the applications that are “on hold” are due to the need to wait for the official approval of the plans, which happened on July 24. I would expect that many of these could be in front of council after the summer, before the end of the year.

Current Applications at the Township of Langley:

  • 20800 Block of 40 Avenue: 16 townhomes
  • 3334 202 Street: 49 townhomes
  • 3282 202 Street: 80 townhomes
  • 3321 200 Street and 19882 & 19944 33A Avenue: 37 townhomes (PENDING 1rst & 2nd Reading)
  • 19937 32 Avenue: 156 townhomes (ON HOLD)
  • 3134 200 Street: 82 townhomes (3rd Reading Approved – March 27, 2020)
  • 3008 200 Street: 41 townhomes (ON HOLD)
  • 2880 200 Street: 82 townhomes (ON HOLD)


There are currently only 2 in stream applications with apartments, and one of those are currently on hold. In the updated neighbourhood plans, there are only a handful of locations that Brookswood residents can expect new apartments (potential apartments may be in “dark brown” area in Booth, plus as part of mixed used developments in any of the commercial village areas in “red”). Of course, these plans are always subject to change, as market forces often push previously planned densities to be disregarded and developers request upzoning variances.

Current Applications at the Township of Langley:

  • 20040 40a Avenue & 20056 40a Avenue: 3 storey mixed-use building with 18 apartments
  • 20109 32 Avenue: 2 buildings with 108 apartments (ON HOLD)


Finally, we have a few commercial developments that some current and future residents may want to be aware of. The one that is furthest in stream is part of the townhome development on 200th mentioned above. This development would offer ground floor storefront units if approved. From the looks of the application, there would be 14 storefronts that would front 200th Street to the east, 33A Avenue to the north, and a (new?) 33 Avenue on the south.

3321 200 Street and 19882 & 19944 33A Avenue, from Report to Council, Township of Langley

The other two applications are both 3 storey commercial buildings, one that is planned to be mixed use with apartments on 40a Avenue and 200th Street. The other a dedicated commercial building by Martini Construction with underground parking, currently being labelled as “Eastwood Corner”. Both are in review stages and neither have a report yet prepared for council. However, there are some pre-Council report renderings available in their application at the Township website found HERE.

Eastwood Corner at 42nd Avenue & 200th Street

Current Applications at the Township of Langley:

  • 20040 40a Avenue & 20056 40a Avenue: 3 storey mixed-use building with commercial units
  • 4185 208 Street: 3 storey commercial building with underground parking
  • 3321 200 Street and 19882 & 19944 33A Avenue: townhomes with ground floor commercial (PENDING 1rst & 2nd Reading)




Brookswood Land Use Map 2023