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All About Money Rent is High. It’s About to Get Much Higher. The closest analogy I have to our housing situation in North America is that of the Titanic. Perhaps that sounds exaggerated. Yet a decades-long trend alongside the last year of spiking interest rates suggest that perhaps this analogy isn’t alarmist enough.    I regularly see rentals in my suburban hometown of Langley, British Columbia, some […]
Housing Policy New Rules for Multiple Offers in the Lower Mainland On July 17, 2023, potential home buyers in the Lower Mainland will be given a little more assurance that they know their offer was presented fairly in a multiple offer situation. Between 2010 and mid-2015 I didn’t see a single multiple offer situation. I’m sure some agents had heard of them and even come across […]
Housing Policy Abbotsford & Delta Among 10 Cities That Premier Eby Says Must Hit Housing Targets On May 31, the NDP Premier David Eby announced that 10 cities would need to step up and meet specified housing targets as part of the new Homes for People housing plan. Among these 10 cities were two communities in the Fraser Valley: Abbotsford and Delta. The Vancouver Sun reported: The Housing Supply Act sets […]
Housing Policy What Does the “Homes for People” Housing Plan Mean for You? On April 3, 2023, BC Premier David Eby released the government’s new “Homes for People” plan for housing, promising $4 billon in investment over the next 3 years. Over the last week, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is a rather robust plan that actually has some smart principles and tangible actions that should […]
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