Richert Report

Brad Richert's monthly real estate report covers the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley regions, including a city by city analysis, taking a look at individual housing types and following trends that matter to you.

Richert Report Demand for Detached Homes fall in September, as Do Prices Demand continues to fall throughout the region as both the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver boards post sales to listing ratios falling under 20% (19.2% in Fraser Valley, 18.4% in Vancouver) for the first time since January (the ratios ranged between 30 and 40% between March and June). Townhomes have held the greatest demand, especially […]
Richert Report Homes Prices Soften Throughout Fraser Valley in August Last month I alluded to my prediction that the benchmark value would start to decrease in most communities if demand continued to wane. Sure enough, demand did soften through the month of August in the Fraser Valley, and prices, whether measured by average, median or benchmark, have fallen – although the difference between these measures […]
Richert Report July Home Prices Plateau: Have We Hit Our 2023 Peak? After 6 consecutive months of increasing property values in the Fraser Valley (7 months in Greater Vancouver), it appears that the two most recent interest rate hikes are taking some steam out of the growth. While the benchmark home values rose in both regions among all property types, the increase was more or less nominal […]
Richert Report June Home Prices & Sales Increase Again in the Fraser Valley *Update* If you’re looking for JULY’S stats updates please click below! July Home Prices Plateau: Have We Hit Our 2023 Peak? (The August E-Newsletter delivered last month’s introduction and one incorrect link to the past month) Home values rose again across property types for the 5th straight month as the market continues to recover despite […]
Richert Report Fraser Valley Home Prices Outpacing Vancouver, Again For the fourth straight month, homes throughout the region increased, albeit slowly and steadily. As I dig into the details of our various regions, communities and housing types, I will reveal that we have some unequal markets, with some escalating as we head into Summer, with others flatlining or even softening. The following report is, […]
Richert Report April Stats Show 3rd Month of Home Price Increases As most people living day to day in real estate, from Realtors to active buyers and seller, fully expected, April 2023 statistics showed another month of increased home values throughout the region among all property types. January does seem to be the proverbial “bottom” of the market, with values in both Greater Vancouver and the […]
Richert Report Spring is Here. Do You Feel It? While I’ve been transitioning to my new role here at Coldwell Banker Marquise, I’ve also been busy working with buyers and sellers who seem to all of the sudden being adjusting to a busier market. After 8-9 months of depreciating home values on the back of rising interest rates, February 2023 started a statistical reversal […]
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