Coldwell Banker Marquise March 25, 2023

Why I Joined Coldwell Banker

For the benefit of my clients and colleagues who have asked why I made the switch, I want to provide an authentic and transparent reason for why I joined Coldwell Banker. This is probably the biggest decision of my career, and the most important.

Many people believe that your brokerage doesn’t matter. I’ve always disagreed with this. It is true that you have amazing professionals in any company. It’s also true that there may not always be a lot of difference between some companies. However, a real estate brokerage is the resource that can provide agents with the tools, education, strategy, and support that are all factors that contribute to the success of a professional. Some (agents and brokerages) take this more seriously than others.


Every real estate agent values different things. For some, education might be more important than others. Having a hands on manager might be an asset. Others might appreciate in house technology that helps their business more than others. Personally, I value an office culture that promotes ethical professionalism & supports their agents in really tangible ways. Having access to coaching that is focused on every part of the profession and not just “sales training” in important to me. I’m also a major nerd for streamlined technology and office procedures that aren’t full of unnecessary redundancies (which often cost both time and money).

I’ve joined and spoken to a lot of companies over the years, seeking and experiencing a wide range of values, culture, and technologies. I’ve recognized the different advantages and disadvantages, learning and incorporating as I go. I would say that since 2018 especially, I’ve been proactively seeking that “home away from home” that best suits my values and needs as a real estate professional.

Opportunity, Problem, Solution

I’ll admit right away that Coldwell Banker wasn’t even in my radar on the onset. As someone based in Langley, there wasn’t a local office and the brand, despite being a major player in the United States (especially where I’ve travelled in California, Florida and Hawaii) and around the world. With the last Coldwell Banker franchise owner in Langley switching to a difference franchise (which I actually joined) after the 2008 financial fallout, the firm didn’t have any presence in my backyard. However, I did know the owner of the nearest franchise in South Surrey, who is someone I respected and often discussed professional development with over the years.

She gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about the company without pushing me into it. When I asked, she always delivered, where others might stonewall or play games. She was upfront and honest. I was able to get familiar with the technologies the company offered their agents. These platforms substantially surpassed anything offered to me in the past. I learned about their office culture, efficient administration, and business philosophy, I was impressed on how closely their values lined with my own. The match looked like everything I had been looking for.

However, there was still that one “problem”: they didn’t have a Langley office. Having a local brick and mortar office doesn’t matter for my clients. I know that it doesn’t matter for a lot of agents either. However, I do appreciate having a “local hub” to build office culture & provide education: a focused setting without the distraction of home or play.  Unsurprisingly, the owner agreed with this.

Our solution to this perceived shortcoming matched the last thing I sought: to provide genuine, ethical leadership within the industry and grow something beyond myself. I could join as her Assistant Manager, continuing to foster the professional community she has already built. Meanwhile, I could take the lead, help build and, quite literally, expand our market share and presence throughout the region through building something that I knew other agents like myself could believe in.

My Why.

Coldwell Banker Marquise Realty provides the ethical values, professional culture, and advanced technologies that I respect and am proud to be a part of. Additionally, the opportunity to use my experience and education to help other professionals build their business is something I am truly excited to apply to my life. My big “why” has always been to build healthy, ethical communities through compassion, knowledge, and service – and to teach my kids to do the same. This is just another opportunity for me to show this to them in my area of real estate expertise.

Shine Brighter.

You’re going to see this tagline in some of my emails and social media. I believe in this office, this company, and the vision that we as a management team have worked on. If you’re a local REALTOR, or if you’re thinking about getting into the business, I would be more than happy to grab a coffee (or beer… just don’t tell the boss!). I can show you what I’ve discovered about the industry & the company. We can discuss what our vision is for our office, your business, and how we could work together. Don’t hesitate to give me a call/text/email.